Friday, October 8, 2010

But I'm Happy

So here is a snapshot of my progress:
GOAL: to  lose 2.0 lbs/wk  Which would have resulted in: 18 lbs as of today. 

ACTUAL:  Lost 1.17 lbs/wk  resulting in a total of 15.4 lbs as of today.

Do I feel bad that I have not reached my goal?? Not really.  Of course it would be great to have lost more weight but guess what??? I am losing weight!  Never before in my life have I set out to lose weight by focusing on exercise and diet! 

My husband says, that it is better to be happy and take the weight off slow than to be miserable and skinny fast.  Now, surely this is a man's perspective... a man that would have to live with me the "skinny B!"  However, to his point, what he is referring to is a common mistake that many make on this weight loss journey.... deprivation.  I have not deprived myself during this process.  I have enjoyed the foods that make me happy and bring me a modicum of comfort... but I have enjoyed them in moderation.  I use my BodyBugg to see just how much indulging I can do and I take the weekends off from my program.

You may say, Heidi if you are serious about losing weight you would be more strict.  Honestly I'm serious about lifestyle changes.  And guess what?? I could live like this for the rest of my life!  So the end result is slow and steady weight loss. I may not be exactly making my goals in the time I'd like to but at the end of the day... I'm Happy!!!


  1. Sounds good darling. I am gonna join you on this quest, I pretty much have the same goals as you do.

  2. yay! go heidi! I think its awesome!!! you are so right, slow and steady is the key .. people sometimes look at me on my journey and tell me i can't have something to which my response is "im not on a diet, I'm changing my lifestyle" I can have whatever I want (in moderation of course) and even when I go a little overboard its my choice :)