Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Morning Quaterback

I lost 3lbs last week!!!! I felt so good about myself.  My goal felt so achievable- I couldn't believe it.  How cool was that??!?!?! And then there was the weekend... My university's homecoming weekend.... full of Friends, Family, Fun and of course FOOD!  Now realizing that I'd be eating more than usual I did run a few miles in the hotel's gym on Friday, but obviously that didn't do the trick... because I did something I've never done.... I weighed myself this morning and my friendly 3lbs found their way right back to me.  In just one weekend?!?!? Are you kidding me? Is this really how this game is played?    I've never been one to weigh myself often and I'm not married to the scale now HOWEVER, it is so very eye opening to really understand the effects of my eating/exercising habits. 

Lesson Learned: Even when I've done "well" throughout the week I can sabotage the whole thing in just a few short days.  "So what did I expect" you ask? Well maybe 1-2lbs but all 3 back???  WOW!  I clearly need a new game plan if I am going to win this thing.  I have been planning on Sunday Slim-down activity and I see that this is going to be an essential part of my play book.  If on the weekends I am eating more that MUST be offset with a great workout.  The concept of a Sunday Slim-down activity is doing something that is fun and a major calorie blaster so that I'm able to increase my deficit from 1000 calories say to, 1200. The ideas I've had thus far are a long bike ride with the kids in a trailer, Ultimate Frisbee or racquetball.  If you have any ideas PLEASE let me know.  This is also going to affect my Sunday Brunch plans or at least what I choose to eat after brunch.  I have come to realize that this is all about choices.

So now it's Monday.  I've reviewed my playbook and I'm ready to get back in the game.  I'm not disappointed but rather equipped with more information to help me play to win. There is a piece of me that loves this because I'm learning valuable lessons about me and if I learn nothing else I never want to stop studying and learning how to be the best me possible. After all, Isn't that what Getting-to-10 in life is all about? Ready, Set, HIKE!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"You don't do ANYTHING consistently."

This statement was not meant as a condemnation when my husband said it but merely a statement of fact- a fact that I am now finding to be irrefutable. However, in the moment my reply to him was, "Sure I do....." {SILENCE} "Like what?" he countered. To my shame and amazement I really could not think of one thing that was absolutely routine in my life. NOT ONE THING!

So what does this say about me? Other than that I am ADD. I immediately began the self loathing that so often accompanies constructive criticism. No wonder I struggle with organization, task completion and LOSING WEIGHT! I am inconsistent.  This is an ugly truth about me that affects nearly every area of my life, yet is woven into the very tapestry of my being. The truth is a bitter but necessary pill - I need to change!The irony is the change that I need to become consistent. I consider myself a Change Agent but if I'm honest with myself I will admit that committing to change in my own life is very difficult and sometimes feels impossible.
However, I don't believe in impossible... at least not about things such as making life changes. I'm a Life Coach my business is all about inspiring change. In spite of all the evidence to the contrary-- I believe I can change. I can do something consistently! can't I???? (Lord, I believe, but help my unbelief!)

If I am going to create a routine it might as well be around getting healthier and losing weight. I shared with you my faithful readers that I had never really set out to lose weight until this Getting-to-10 Challenge. I now know that the reason that I hadn't is because I feared failure... feared giving up, getting distracted and feared becoming like so many others that are on and off of diets on a regular basis. However, somewhere along the way the fear for being obese and unhappy in my own skin began to override my previous fears and I realized that after children and with age that this CHANGE was not a luxury but a necessity.

So here we go again! I have set new goals for Getting-to-10. According to my faithful, but recently unused BodyBugg, I should be achieving my goals by late summer. I have everything I need- a gym membership, my BodyBugg, I even have a new accountability partner (Thanks Rita)! The real question for Heidi Day is do I have it- the special constitution that anyone who desires meaningful and lasting change in their life must possess? I know..... I know..... I must live the way into that answer!