Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"You don't do ANYTHING consistently."

This statement was not meant as a condemnation when my husband said it but merely a statement of fact- a fact that I am now finding to be irrefutable. However, in the moment my reply to him was, "Sure I do....." {SILENCE} "Like what?" he countered. To my shame and amazement I really could not think of one thing that was absolutely routine in my life. NOT ONE THING!

So what does this say about me? Other than that I am ADD. I immediately began the self loathing that so often accompanies constructive criticism. No wonder I struggle with organization, task completion and LOSING WEIGHT! I am inconsistent.  This is an ugly truth about me that affects nearly every area of my life, yet is woven into the very tapestry of my being. The truth is a bitter but necessary pill - I need to change!The irony is the change that I need to become consistent. I consider myself a Change Agent but if I'm honest with myself I will admit that committing to change in my own life is very difficult and sometimes feels impossible.
However, I don't believe in impossible... at least not about things such as making life changes. I'm a Life Coach my business is all about inspiring change. In spite of all the evidence to the contrary-- I believe I can change. I can do something consistently! can't I???? (Lord, I believe, but help my unbelief!)

If I am going to create a routine it might as well be around getting healthier and losing weight. I shared with you my faithful readers that I had never really set out to lose weight until this Getting-to-10 Challenge. I now know that the reason that I hadn't is because I feared failure... feared giving up, getting distracted and feared becoming like so many others that are on and off of diets on a regular basis. However, somewhere along the way the fear for being obese and unhappy in my own skin began to override my previous fears and I realized that after children and with age that this CHANGE was not a luxury but a necessity.

So here we go again! I have set new goals for Getting-to-10. According to my faithful, but recently unused BodyBugg, I should be achieving my goals by late summer. I have everything I need- a gym membership, my BodyBugg, I even have a new accountability partner (Thanks Rita)! The real question for Heidi Day is do I have it- the special constitution that anyone who desires meaningful and lasting change in their life must possess? I know..... I know..... I must live the way into that answer!


  1. Hey. You are human. I can relate. I would love 2 link up sometime.

  2. You love consistantly, you encourage consitanty, and you are consistantly beautiful Heidi... I have no doubts you will see that 10 you want to be!

  3. @ Skinny, Yes, I'm human but we all wanna be Superwoman sometimes. :) Let's definitely get together. How is your journey coming?

  4. @ Elise,

    You have always and will always be a wonderful reminder of what love looks like for me!!