Friday, January 7, 2011


Ok so I know it has been a waaaaaay too long since my last post.... I fell off right when we took the trip to NYC for my son's movie premiere. I committed to eating my way through New York.... And I've been eating every since.:-) That was the beginning of the end. Well I will not call it the end, just the setback.

However, today is a new day! I am so excited. I will be starting my "Daniel Fast" on Monday and I'm looking forward to a wonderful new year. The date kinda says it all 1/1/11. I LOVE IT!! Ok, so I am going to make a New Year's resolution... I commit to you my faithful (few)
readers that I will post at least once a week!

Someone asked me, Heidi are you still "Getting to 10"? ABSOLUTELY!!!

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