Monday, September 20, 2010

Who is Fooling Who?

So here's the deal.....I had no significant weight loss on my weigh in last Friday.  Truthfully this was a disappointment but not a surprise. The great thing about the BodyBugg is... the numbers don't lie.  Last week I did NOT make my numbers.  My goal is to have a deficit of at least 1000 calories EVERYDAY!!  I ate crazy and was not hitting it at the gym like I should have.  So that fact that I had no significant weight loss couldn't have been a surprise.... I mean who am I trying to fool?  Who am I cheating???

My epiphany about my "failure" came to my as I walked into the kitchen and noticed a dirt pile from sweeping the floor - 20 mins before, then in my office there were papers that were sorted but never filed, emails were started but never sent, my clothes were washed -- 2 days ago and thus had mildewed.  The stench of my supposed to be clean clothes was a reminder of the funk that my nasty habit of not finishing things leaves in my life.  How can I strive for my best and leave soooooo many things undone.  Yes, I'm ADD also known as a "global thinker" but when will I make the necessary changes to move into greatness in all areas???

The battle with my weight loss is no different.  It is about being consistent and staying in it for the long haul. I thank you all for your comments, feedback and ultimately holding me responsible. This week I am committing to stay the course, make my numbers, log my food and put in my sweat at the gym.  I owe it to myself.   As Anderson Cooper says.. you're keeping me honest.  But after all who am I really fooling anyway???

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  1. I can totally relate to your post. I could have written it. I will keep you honest if you will do the same for me. We deserve it. We are worth it.