Tuesday, September 7, 2010

On-ward and Down-ward!?!?!?

Well Yeah... I couldn't say "On-ward and Upward-" when I'm trying to go down in size.  LOL!!!

The holiday weekend was interesting.  Let's just say I enjoyed my food!  I didn't pigout but neither did I really count calories either.  It began with cheesecake on Saturday, a barbecue on Sunday (along with a french toast breakfast) and leftovers on Monday!  Somehow on Monday I was still able to eek out a small deficit. I tried to play a game of Ultimate Frisbee for my Sunday-Slimdown activity but we couldn't get enough people to play.  I was really counting on that to counter alllllll my eating!  Lesson learned: have a backup plan!

Today, was kinda rough too.  Emotionally I have been struggling and not feeling very motivated to workout.  However, I ate very sensibly and I did go to a dance class tonight at the gym.  From the time class started until now I have burned 574 calories...  Now here is another thing my nifty little BodyBugg has taught me.  The benefit of working out in the morning is that you continue to burn calories well after your workout.  For an example.  My class ended about an hour ago yet I'm still burning about 6.2 calories per min.  This is super cool to know.  It also stands to reason that you can get more bang for your buck working out in the morning.  

Hopefully, this week I can maintain my goal of losing 2lbs per week. If not, what I realize that this is not about a day, a weekend or a month it is all about the journey.  They journey toward my ideal life.... my ideal size  The journey of Getting-to-10!

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  1. Oh my goodness I forgot about my technical issues last week that kept me from posting my weigh-in results.....

    I LOST 2lbs!!! Yayeeeeeee :)