Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's NO Secret!!!

So today I decided to treat myself to 3 pairs of pretty lacy panties.  I actually went into Victoria's Secret to purchase something for someone else when I was wooed into looking at all the pretty little panties.  Now let me note here that at one point in my not so distant past all I wore were pretty little matching pantie and bra sets.  That being said, for the last 4 years I have either been pregnant or nursing and my sets look like they belong to someone else.  As a part of my reclamation program, I am trying to bring my sexy back.... and what better place to start than Victoria's Secret...RIGHT???

WRONG!!!! The 3 "little" pairs of panties are.... I'm actually at a loss for words, which I know for a "blogger" is not good.  Let's just say that I was mortified when I tried them on at home.  Now the cute little lady in the store assured me that their new lace panties and thongs were one size fit all.  YEAH RIGHT.  And a part of the lure is the names of everything..."Very Sexy" and "Sexy Little Thing" and I must say I was actually seduced.  Seduced my the absolutely crazy notion that I would actually be sexy in these little things.  Not that I could not get them on but sexy would not be the word that I would use to describe how I looked in them. 

After all, who was I trying to fool.  It's no secret.... Victoria Secret is not for plus size women.  I hate the way that makes me feel.  I hate that I AM plus sized.  But this will be the fuel that I use to get my plus size butt to the gym tomorrow.  It will be the fuel that I used to continue to be mindful of my calories.  And when I am able to once again fit in the "Very Sexy" thong it will be the motivation to never be in this place again!

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